Bayards Cove Inn's annual Crabbing Competition returns

The Bayards Cove Inn at Dartmouth has launched its annual crabbing competition for all to enter.  Running until 30th September, the winner will win the fantastic prize of two night’s bed and breakfast for a family of four in one of Bayards Cove Inn's stunning family bedrooms. 

The rules couldn’t be easier. Simply take a picture crabbing, print if off, pop in, staff will post it on the board and at the end of the summer judges will meet and decide on their favourite. 

There are several crabbing hotspots close by to choose from, including Bayards Cove,  the North and South Embankment and a little further away Dartmouth Castle Ferry Steps.  Crabbing in the summer at Dartmouth is part of the town’s culture and one that people from all generations enjoy.  To encourage people to be mindful of the crab’s welfare during their crabtastic adventures, Charlie Deuchar (owner of Bayards Cove Inn) has produced a free information sheet, with top crabbing tips and guidelines to ensure the welfare of the crabs - available from the Inn.

Bayards Cove Inn was once a Tudor merchant's house, located a few steps from where the Pilgrims set sail on the Mayflower in 1621, at Bayards Cove.  Inevitably, there is a real sense of history at this charming waterside establishment.

Open from 8am every morning for breakfast, by day it is a bustling café and wine bar, and in the evening a restaurant with an array of mouth watering dishes to choose from.


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