Kickstart your healthy New Year with Burts Chips

Burts Chips is here to help your January health goals with its ‘Better For You’ range. The range includes the delicious and wholesome Lentil Waves and Quinoa Crinkles with an exciting new launch coming soon.

Lentil Waves come in three tempting flavours – Sour Cream & Chive, Thai Sweet Chilli and Lightly Salted – with a variety to suit every taste bud. Big on flavour, these snacks are packed full of crunch and are only 99 calories per bag.

Sour Cream & Chive Lentil Waves capture the aromatic explosion of crushed chives with the cool fresh flavour of sour cream, while Thai Sweet Chilli Lentil Waves is packed with the irresistible spicy Asian fusion of chillies, warm ginger and fragrant lemongrass. Or if you’re a fan of keeping it simple, Lightly Salted Lentil Waves are flavoured with just a pinch of salt making them the perfect dipping partner for your pot of salsa or tzatziki. Available in multipacks and 20g bags, Lentil Waves are a great snack to enjoy during the day, as well as being a tasty nibble on-the-go.

Quinoa Crinkles come in two enticing flavour varieties - Sweet Pepper & Chorizo and West Country Cream Cheese. Burts Chips uses ingredients with strong provenance credentials to reflect its Devonshire heritage, such as high-quality chorizo from local manufacturer the Good Game Company. As with the existing core range, each batch of Quinoa Crinkles is carefully cooked in Burts’ South West kitchen and taste just as moreish. Seasoned with natural flavours, the Crinkles are gluten free and a source of fibre. The whole Quinoa Crinkles range, as with all Burts Chips products, is free from MSG, artificial flavourings, and colourings. Quinoa Crinkles are available to buy in a case containing 16 packets of 20g bags.


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