Goierri Foods

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My name is Eric Jenner Mendia. I was born in the shadow of Mount Txindoki in the Basque region of Goierri in Spain from which the name of my company comes. A special thanks to Basque photographer Garbiñe Irizar at www.meetmeinthenorth.com for her wonderful photograph of Mount Txindoki which provides the background for every page of my website.

After completing my schooling which involved living in both Britain and Spain, I studied for 2 years at the Karlos Arguiñano Aiala School of Catering in Zarautz. Karlos Arguiñano is one of the most famous chefs in the whole of the Spanish speaking world. He is like Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein rolled into one. For nearly 30 years, his daily cooking programmes have been watched in both Spain and the Americas. Apart from having his own restaurant in Zarautz, on the coast of Guipuzkoa, he also has a prestigious catering school.

On graduation, I worked for nearly 13 years in various restaurants and hotels in the Basque Country and Catalonia, finally becoming head chef which involved organising weddings and other social events as well as the day-to-day running of the restaurant. 

In 2012, I decided to come to the UK to set up my own catering business. I began in local markets and eventually started to visit food festivals as well as providing a catering service for weddings and parties. Some of the festivals I have attended are: 

Chalke Valley History, Powderham, Ashburton, Plymouth Flavour Fest, Lynton, Springtide (near Bridport), Crediton, Holsworthy, Lyme Regis, Totnes, Wellington, Weymouth, Dartington, Dorchester and Okehampton. I also regularly attend the farmers' market at Exeter University.

My aim and philosophy is not just to offer well known Spanish dishes such as paella but to make known to people in the UK the wonderful variety of delicious dishes which originate from Spain and, more specifically, the Basque Country, prepared in a completely authentic way. Basque cuisine is probably the most underrated and little known in Europe, being for many years off the normal Spanish tourist track. Yet some of the top chefs in the world are Basque. Furthermore, San Sebastian, the capital of Guipuzkoa, was recently voted the gastronomic capital of the world. To visit a bar in this city, with its myriad different and colourful pintxos (tapas) spread out on the counter, is an irresistible experience. The Basque Country is an area where the gentle mountains meet the coast, providing the raw materials for cheeses and rennet made from sheep's milk, apples, sausages and a wonderful range of fish dishes.

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