New Range of Recipe Boxes from Riverford

Good food without the faff

Whether you’re short on time, stuck in a recipe rut, or want to eat well without the fuss of planning and shopping, Riverford’s recipe boxes are a simple and inspiring way to cook.

With a refreshed new range, including vegan options and the ability to mix and match recipes, here are 5 good reasons to order a Riverford recipe box:

It will transform your cooking

Choose from 12 weekly changing recipes written by cooks based on Riverford’s Devon farm. Our veg nerd chefs, Kirsty, Val and Bob, draw their inspiration from the seasonal veg growing on the farm to write inspiring, creative and original recipes, so you’ll cook something new every time.

It’s faff free

Every box comes with all the ingredients you need measured out, step-by-step recipe cards and helpful cooking tips. All the joy of cooking, none of the hassle.

It’s 100% organic with 0% waste

Over 30 years’ experience of growing and cooking goes into your box. All our fresh, seasonal ingredients are organic. We send you the exact amount you need, so you won’t end up throwing anything away, or with endless half pots of this and that cluttering your kitchen

You can order what you like, whenever you like

Choose from any number of 1-12 recipes to feed two people, as often or little as you like, with the option of adding any other items from your weekly shopping list  (veg, fruit, dairy, milk, kitchen cupboard) to your order.

Delivery is free

And even if you’re not in, you can place your order and know you’ll be coming home to an evening of hassle free cooking and an inspiring home cooked meal.

“So many people aspire to cook from scratch but don’t quite manage it. We know our produce wins on flavour, but that’s no good if people can’t find the time to prepare it. Our recipe boxes mean you can still cook from scratch, without having to plan, shop or even measure ingredients”, explained Riverford founder and farmer Guy Watson.

“We’re excited about our new vegan options. More and more people are turning to a more plant-based diet and veg is finally taking centre stage as it deserves. We’ve have always put vegetables centre plate because we love them, so the vegan movement is an exciting time for us where life revolves around all things green”.

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