About us

About Food Drink Devon

Food Drink Devon represents a membership of like minded businesses, dedicated to providing good quality local food & drink.

Devon is made up of a patchwork of small fields, hedge banks, orchards, pastures and sheltered river valleys and has been producing food and drink for centuries. Buying local food and drink helps sustain that special link between landscape and its harvest. It helps support the stewardship of the countryside – the cycle of maintaining hedges, restoring orchards and providing a haven for wildlife as well as cutting down on emissions by reducing the carbon footprint.

Our artisan producers boast a range of delicious food and drink from both land and sea which, with their individual microclimates, enhance the unique natural flavour. Our Hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops are dedicated to serving and selling this delightful produce.


The roots of Food Drink Devon go back to the early 1990’s, when South Hams District Council’s economy and tourism team got together with leading businesses in the food and tourism sectors to create South Hams Food & Drink Association.

There was seen to be a huge opportunity to support the local economy by capitalising on the wealth and variety of excellent food and drink produce originating in the district.

The group would meet regularly to support and promote each other and most importantly, seek to increase awareness among local people and visitors of what was on offer and where they could buy and taste quality local food and drink.

An Association pocket guide was first published in 1992, detailing all the member producers, retail outlets and hotels and restaurants in the area. This was launched at the first South Hams Food and Drink marquee at the Devon County.

Until 1995, South Hams District Council financially assisted the organisation as well as co-ordinating activity.

By early 2002, the Association had grown to be a self funding, limited company run and paid for by its members. It still worked in partnership with South Hams District Council and acted as a public showcase for local produce.

Since 2005, the Association has been run by members for its members and taken a new direction. A new brand identity was launched and trademarked using "Love the Flavour" as the strap line.

In January 2008 South Hams Food & Drink Association merged with The South Devon & Dartmoor Food Group to become Food Drink Devon.