About Devon

Think Devon, and you shouldn't just conjure up its stunning countryside and marvellous coastline - the sheer pleasure of its high quality food and drink should naturally leap to mind.

Devon's lush green pastures, rich arable land and dramatic coastal waters provide the origins for an amazing range of wonderful foods - fresh fish and seafood, meat from traditional Devon breeds such as Red Devon Cattle, wonderful pies and pastries, and a splendid array of fruits and vegetables packed with fresh natural flavour. And Devon farmers are branching out - you'll come across farms producing venison, ostrich and, more surprisingly, chillies!

Enjoy our wide range of distinctive dairy products - cheeses from creamy local milk, clotted cream, yogurts and ice-cream. And make your choice from local drinks - ales, cider, special fruit juices and enticing wines.

You'll find these delicious local products widely available through well-stocked farm shops, farmers' markets and tempting local specialist shops in many towns and villages. Increasingly restaurants and pubs too boast of the high quality of their food - and it's all local!