Turning the tide on plastic pollution at Bayards Cove Inn

With disposable coffee cups adding to the mountain of waste in the UK, Bayards Cove Inn’s is encouraging customers to purchase one of its new branded re-useable coffee cups with 20p off every subsequent hot brew an incentive.

Takeaways at Bayards Cove Inn are a burgeoning part of the business and hot drinks are supplied in cardboard cups with a biodegradable lid. Technically this makes them recyclable.

However, the cups are lined with plastic polyethylene, which is tightly bonded to the paper to make the cups waterproof and therefore able to contain liquid.

If a waterproof cardboard cup was available, the difficulty of recycling them is increased by the fact they are contaminated with drink.

This means the cups cannot be recycled at standard recycling plants and must instead be taken to special facilities – only three exist in the UK – so the reality is that less than one per cent of coffee cups ever end up being recycled.

Unrecy-cled plastic takes hundreds of years to break down, meaning lots of it ends up impacting the natural environment. Gradual breakdown of plastics results in tiny micro plastics that can be ingested by animals, and chemicals that are potentially toxic for various creatures, including us.

Charlie Deuchar, who owns Bayards Cove Inn with his wife Zuzanna, said: “We are always thinking of ways to reduce our waste, and we’re plastic free as far as possible, with a number of green policies to further reduce our burden on the planet. But we sell a lot of take out hot drinks, and when I read the statistics about how it is difficult to recycle the cups, even though they are cardboard, we decided to buy in our own.”

The cups cost £5 each and include a free hot drink, with 20p off all subsequent hot drinks served in the same cups.

Charlie added: “I think very soon there will come a time when everyone carries around a re-usable coffee cup with them, just like we all carry carrier bags. It’s just something very small that everyone can do to help reduce waste.”

Bayards Cove Inn no longer provides shampoos and shower gels in plastic containers and instead guests are given locally made Emma’s soap and shampoos in wrapped in cloth.


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