Bell and Loxton

Upton Barton, South Milton, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 3JF

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Award winning oil in award winning packaging. Food and Drink Devon Best packaging in 2017. Cold pressed rapeseed oil, grown, pressed and bottled on the family farm. Great Taste producer with Great Taste. This versatile oil is great for dressings, dipping, drizzling, roasting and stir-fries.

The Bells of Bell & Loxton have been farming at Upton Barton in South Devon for the past 40 years. This is a family business which is run from the family farm. 

What is cold pressed rapeseed oil?
A healthy, home-grown alternative to Olive Oil. Bell & Loxton's cold pressed rapeseed oil is a completely natural product with many advantages over other culinary oils. These include:
- the lowest saturated fat content of any culinary oil with 54% less saturated fat than olive oil and 45% less than sunflower oil
- ten times more omega 3 than olive oil - with 9.6% by weight compared to only 0.1% for sunflower oil and 0.7% for olive oil
- a good source of Vitamin E
- no artificial preservatives or colours
- trans-fat and GM free

What is cold pressing?

Simply squashing the seeds to release the oil. Once harvested, our rape seeds are pressed at a low temperature to extract their natural oil which is then filtered and bottled on our farm in South Devon. None of their nutrients are lost and the oil retains its beautiful golden colour and subtle nutty flavour. All Bell & Loxton's rapeseed is grown locally, cold pressed and bottled on our family farm in the South Hams in the heart of South Devon.

Why aluminium bottles?
They're very practical, they won't fall over and break, they take up less space, they're lighter for you to carry home and for us to transport, and aluminium wins hands down on recycling - it takes far less energy to recycle than glass. Aluminium looks good too - but as cold pressed rapeseed oil also keeps best in the dark, aluminium is the perfect container to store it in.
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