Blakewell Fishery & Smokehouse

Muddiford, Barnstaple, EX31 4ET

01271 344533

Flavour, taste and texture are very important to us, and we are lucky our business lies in a fold of the North Devon rolling hills and it is here with the help of Mother Nature, we hand rear rainbow trout in the cool clear water running from the Exmoor National Park. We are the Nickell brothers and we’ve been trout farming and working in harmony with nature all our lives.

Using our Devon own beautiful fresh trout and fresh salmon from the Highlands coast; we have created from the smokehouse our ‘North Devon Cure’ smoked salmon and smoked trout.

Our trout is hot smoked using beech & oak wood into bronzed ‘smokies’ straight from the kiln. These are delicious whole or filleted with a well-seasoned salad and home baked bread.

The salmon is also smoked with beech and oak wood, but very very slowly…….

The ‘North Devon Cure’ cold smoked salmon comes out of the smokehouse as a whole side or delicate thin slices that has a texture and taste which truly melts. We keep things simple but give the salmon the attention it deserves and take a long time over it, these things cannot be rushed.

Our hot smoked salmon steaks are sumptuous great tasting and richly smoked in a hot kiln, you’ll need a nice chilled glass of Picpoul to dance with this explosion of flavour.

We are passionate about brilliant tasting locally produced food and we want you to experience ours, we think you’ll enjoy it just like we do. Blakewell Smoked Salmon & Trout.

Opening Times: 

Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm (check latest Covid hrs)

Shop: Click & Collect or Online. For all your Smoked Salmon & Trout and Fresh Trout caught to order.

We are just minutes from Barnstaple Town Centre. Leave the A39 on the outskirts of Barnstaple by taking the B3230 towards Ilfracombe. We are situated less than half a mile on your left.