Confectionery Division Has New Focus

The Paramount Retail Group has appointed Nigel Moult to the post of Commercial Director for its confectionery portfolio which includes Crawford & Tilley and Bristows of Devon. Nigel brings considerable experience in import and distribution across a number of categories and with customers in sectors ranging across major supermarkets, chains and independent retailers.

Following £1.2 million of investment and renovations to the Bristows of Devon factory, the business was given an outstanding BRC A-rating in the summer, It has also achieved RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) supply chain accreditation. At the Crawford & Tilley site recruitment is in process to meet increased demand.

Steve Page has been appointed to the post of UK Sales Manager across both companies and will benefit from the support structure and CRM systems used across the whole Paramount business to service his customers to a high standard.

The company has also welcomed master confectioner Andy James back to Bristows. With over 25 years of confectionery making experience and a history with Bristows brands under previous ownership, Andy is increasing the pace of improvement still further. He is currently working with the Crawford & Tilley team to increase operational efficiency post-acquisition.

Director of the Paramount Retail Group, Ravi Sharma, says that the companies are totally complementary with lollipops and hard boilings made by Crawford & Tilley and fudge, toffee and bon bons produced at Bristows. He explained his plan for the future, “Nigel will have primary responsibility for the development, implementation and management of the commercial strategies and we are delighted to have him on board. We are in the process of making additional senior management appointments who will work with him to move the division forwards. Synergies within the group mean that we’ve been able to bring in professional teams in HR, finance and distribution to support the confectionery arm of the business.”

He continued, “With access to additional warehousing and expertise in export, we are able to ship product globally and maintain stocks that help us be responsive to demand. Some exciting new product development is also going on in the background. It’s good news for two companies with a long heritage and some great British confectionery brands.”

The Bristows of Devon team can be contacted by calling 01363 774 631 or by email,

Caption: Nigel Moult - new Commercial Director for Bristows of Devon and Crawford & Tilley

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