Burts Snacks Plans Expansion

The award-winning snack company is changing its name to Burts Snacks as it prepares to invest more than £7m over the next 18 months

Plymouth’s very own artisan brand Burts Potato Chips has announced today that it is officially merging with popped snack manufacturer Savoury & Sweet and will rename the company as Burts Snacks as it targets further growth in the UK’s premium snacking market. 

The family-run company’s acquisition of Leicester-based Savoury & Sweet last year has helped Burts Snacks outperform the crisps, snacks and nuts market; by the end of 2019, it forecasts sales of £54.9m, representing a 25% annual growth.

Burts Snacks, whose range includesBurts Potato Chips, Guinness Crisps, Jim Beam Crisps, Levi Roots Crisps, Lentil Waves, and the Popcorn & Me brands, manufactures potato chips, popcorn, compression popped chips and other healthy snacks. As the UK’s fastest growing, independent snacking manufacturer, producing a range of innovative, premium branded and private label snacks further investment is planned across both sites in the second half of 2019.

Meanwhile, the company has also revealed plans to invest £7m by the end of 2020. This will help improve its manufacturing processes at both Plymouth and Leicester, enabling it to increase production capacity by 300%.

Having seen a number of its competitors swallowed up by multinational businesses in recent times, today’s announcement demonstrates that Burts Snacks is committed to remaining family-run while targeting sales of £100m by 2022 through organic growth and increased branded exports.

David Nairn, Managing Director of Burts Snacks, commented: “Burts is a proud Plymouth-based business and it is a testament to our staff and suppliers that we have already achieved £25m in sales so far this year; but we are hungry for more growth, setting our sights on a turnover of £100m by 2022. We plan to do this through organic growth and increased branded exports.

“Our new name - Burts Snacks - reflects our growth and diverse range of premium snacking products but at a time when other UK manufacturers are consolidating into larger, multi-national portfolios, we’re bucking the trend by staying true to our core values by remaining independent and investing in our people and facilities in the South West and across the UK.”

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