Fresh Bread delivered to Cakewhole daily

At Cakewhole bread is delivered fresh each day.

On Monday Cakewhole's guest baker spot is filled by Jacka Bakery on the Barbican. It’s the oldest continuously working bakery in Britain, which dates back to the early 1600s. Today, run by the Laughton family, they bake fantastic sourdough in several varieties. “There is nobody else in Plymouth like us, every single thing that we bake and sell, we make ourselves. Not a single thing has any kind of additive, softener, improver etc just real honest food.”

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday it comes from Baker Tom down in Pool, Cornwall, who provide a wide selection of Sourdough and Organic bread, along with Focaccia and Ciabatta.  Baker Tom’s began in Tom’s kitchen over 10 years ago, bringing the art of baking back to Cornwall: using century-old methods and just the simplest, natural ingredients to enrich the flavour.  

Cakewhole's Thursday guest baker is the newest kid on the block: Heyl Bakery, who recently opened up in the old mortuary below Devonport Guildhall. Cakewhole sell baker Sam Dennis’s delicious Heyl loaf, his five grain and Heyl buns, all sourdough:  "We are passionate about sustainability and supporting the South West's amazing community of food producers, and want to source as many of our ingredients as locally as possible" 

To order your bread, either drop in to Cakewhole Plymouth or call Cakewhole on 01752 246940 – and please order by midday, two days before.  Or you can take pot luck and see what they have on the day – but be aware that whatever day it is, their bread sells out quickly!

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