Recipes for a Great Christmas

Chunk of Devon's festive produce is now available. 

Available: Deli, Wrapped or Frozen, un-baked (subject to availability from your chosen wholesaler).

The festive range includes:

Venison & Port Pie

Local venison with bacon chunks and mushrooms, add a good splosh of port, add in a few crushed juniper berries and a little cacao for a hearty and warming winter treat. - Stuff the turkey...have a pie!

Turkey, Ham & Cranberry Pasty

Turkey breast, cranberries, bacon & a little leek mixed with traditional pasty ingredients for a real Christmas taste. Carefully wrapped in our short crust pastry, hand crimped and topped with a little pastry star - Cracking!

Pork & Cranberry Sausage Roll

A tasty sausage roll for December. Fabulous coarse minced pork sausage meat with the addition of cranberries and a pinch of herbs. Wrapped in a light buttery puff pastry with a star - Yule Love it!

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E: [email protected]

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