Dartmouth Distillery

Calancombe Estate, Off the Old Dartmouth Road, Modbury, PL21 0TU

01548 830707

We create Dartmouth English Gin with the finest botanicals we can source from around the World, together with herbs, flowers and fruit from the Calancombe Estate.  The crystal clear fresh spring water, sourced at Calancombe, is an essential element of the gin we produce.

"Bold Juniper; floral notes from rosemary, lavender and citrus fruits. Grains of paradise, cardamom and cubeb berries bring lively spice followed by a lasting finish, with the sweetness of liquorice”

​Dartmouth English Gin is smooth, full bodied and refreshing.   It can be enjoyed on its own, is delightful with tonic and is the perfect foundation for a wide range of cocktails, where the gin’s complexity and balance provide the perfect serve.