Devonia Spring Water

Hillside Cottage, 5 Wistaria Place, Kingsbridge, TQ7 1BW

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Fresh, natural, delicious.

Devoinia Spring Water is bottled at source.  The cold clear water bubbles from a historic spring near Beesands in Devon.  It is carefully bottled and delivered to you in classic glass bottles. 

Environmentally friendly

We believe we are the only water business in the UK that delivers bottled water and then returns to collect our bottles for re-use.  Each bottle is carefully washed and sterilised before being re-used, which minimises the environmental impact of plastic bottles.

Historic, tratitional

Devonia water flows from a natural underground spring at Beeson. In times past, it continued through to the pretty Devon fishing village of Beesands.  Here villagers would collect it from a central stand. 

It's been recorded that when the weather got rough, sailors who may have travelled the world, would shelter in Start Bay. They would tie up their boats and stock up on fresh drinking water supplies with our delicious water.  

We know that Captain Cook stayed nearby at Widdicombe House over many summers. It is inconceivable that he didn't drink Devonia water when he stayed here.

Our logo, the reef knot, represents the knots of those sailors ships, as they secured their vessels to row to shore and enjoy a taste of Devonia.

Devon water for Devon Businesses

As a local Devon business, we are the perfect choice for local restaurants, hotels, and visitor destinations. 

Devon water for Devon events

Many parties, weddings and events request Devonia Water as a refreshing drink of choice.  Served in glass bottles, with a notable history, they are a conversation piece and a delicious drink whether sparkling or still.

Bring the pride of Devon to your tables, with Devonia Spring water.

Opening Times: 

8am - 5:30pm Mon - Fri