Christmas Pudding Fritters, Brandy Cream, Cranberry and Orange Compote

Here is one of, Exeter Golf and Country Club and Wear Park Restaurant, Head Chef Adam Little's favourite Christmas dessert recipes for Christmas pudding fritters, brandy cream with cranberry and orange compote.

What You Need: 

Christmas pudding fritters

300g Christmas pudding – you can make this yourself or buy one in
120g self-raising flour
30g sugar
120ml sparkling water

Brandy cream

250ml double cream
30g icing sugar
splash of brandy

Cranberry and orange compote

200g fresh cranberries
150g sugar
1 cinnamon stick
Zest and juice of an orang
1/2 pint orange juice


What You Do: 

Peel the orange and cut as thin as possible, squeeze the juice, add the cinnamon, cranberries and sugar to a thick based pan put on a medium heat until reduced and thick. Remove the cinnamon and leave to cool.

In a bowl, add the double cream and icing sugar – whisk until soft peaks, add as much brandy as required and place to one side.

Crumble the Christmas pudding in to a bowl, then roll into small balls.

For the batter – whisk together the flour, sugar and water leave for 5 minutes to rest.

Dip the pudding balls into the batter and fry at 180c, don’t overload the fryer – just 5 or 6 at a time.

Drain the fritters on to kitchen roll, serve and add a spoon of brandy cream and orange compote.

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