Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

The perfect guilt-free stocking filler and Secret Santa gift...

Give the Nespresso® coffee-lover in your life a conscious caffeine treat this Christmas thanks to the exceptional tasting Blue Goose Eco Coffee Pod Gift Collection.

The collection includes a range of certified Plastic-Free, compostable pods full to the brim with exceptional tasting, speciality Arabica coffees. No boast, the UK’s leading consumer champion magazine gave the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe pods a ‘Best Buy’ accolade in the first week of going on sale, with judges loving the fruity acidity, toasty aroma and characterful sweetness of the coffee. Also a hit with the judges was the Organic Peruvian, delivering a full bodied coffee with delicious golden crema. 

The lucky recipient of these eco coffee stocking fillers will also experience the UK’s only Swiss Water Decaf coffee pod. Rather than soak the coffee beans in the same chemical used in paint stripper, a process used for approximately 80% of decafs on the market, these particular beans have been decaffeinated using just time, water and temperature to create an exceptional tasting coffee without the caffeine kick or chemical trail.

Completing the line-up of 4 pod coffees is the brand new Blue Goose Lungo coffee pod, a perfect blend crafted from speciality El Salvador and Brazil coffees for those who can’t resist a good dollop of milk or plant based milk alternatives in their coffee.

Compatible with Nespresso® original domestic drop-through coffee pod machines (excl. Expert), the innovative starch and wood bark capsules can be placed in council food waste collections where they will be processed into compost or liquid fertilizer, depending on local council processing facilities.

This is in stark contrast to aluminium and plastic capsules which can take 200-500 years to degrade in landfill, with a predicted 52 billion non-recyclable plastic coffee pods being produced globally by the end of 2020, despite the world waking up to the plastic crisis.

Blue Goose’s purpose-driven business approach means co-founders Lex Thornely and Nick Ratsey naturally source the highest quality speciality coffee over commodity-grade coffee.

“This ensures our customers get the very best tasting coffee while our farmers earn greater income to re-invest into their livelihoods, ensuring their families, workers and local communities can thrive long into the future.” said Lex.

The collection keeps giving too, with a percentage of all sales helping support water and wildlife charities in their coffee origins, including the hand-dug well project delivered by Wellwishers in Ethiopia and the conservation of the Bale Mountain National Park, which is the source of water for 21 million people across Ethiopia and Somalia and home to the endangered Abyssinian Blue-Winged Goose, from which the brand takes its name.

If that’s not enough, these GM-free compostable coffee pods are produced using renewable energy and packaged in sustainably sourced, recyclable FSC cardboard boxes printed using vegetable inks and secured with plastic-free glue, so make the perfect ethical coffee gift. Especially as they also contain 10% more coffee than standard Nespresso® capsules!

Available across the UK, the Blue Goose Eco Coffee Pod Gift Collection costs £18.00 for 40 capsules, with free next-day delivery available to help save any last minute Christmas stresses!

The Collection features:

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Awarded a ‘Best Buy’ accolade in May’s edition of Which? Magazine, their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is grown as 'garden coffee' in small lots in the world’s most famous coffee growing regions. The birthplace of coffee itself, Ethiopia produces some of the highest quality and most prized Arabica coffees in the world, and this coffee is no exception, with bright, sweet aromatics and blackcurrant and subtle jasmine flavours coming through.

Organic Peruvian

Farmed organically and in harmony with the environment, this smooth, balanced coffee delivers hints of fruit and spice for that morning treat or afternoon lift. The speciality Arabica coffee is slow-grown in Peru’s northern mountains on smallholder farms under forest canopy, resulting in beans with a fruity, smooth and syrupy sweetness.

Organic Swiss Water Decaf

Using a natural, 100% chemical-free decaffeination process that harnesses water, temperature and time to decaffeinate the coffee beans, this is a coffee without the kick or chemical trail. Less man made solvents are created and used too, so these decaf coffee pods really are good for you and the environment.

The Blue Goose Lungo

Our capsules and packaging are certified Plastic-Free by the UK’s leading anti-plastic organisation A Plastic Planet

For information and to buy the Blue Goose Coffee range, visit, ‘Like’ and engage with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram via @BlueGooseCoffee.

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