The GoodBeef Index

Coryton, Nr Lydford, Okehampton, EX20 4PQ


Here at the GoodBeef Index, we believe that good beef is good for you. That's why we have developed a new way of measuring and grading beef quality. It takes a holistic view of beef quality, scoring key production, eating and environmental quality factors. Why? Because consumers increasingly want the assurance that their beef has been sensitively produced, with a positive environmental impact and superb eating quality. The GoodBeef Index provides just that, connecting farmers with consumers, and communicates why good beef is good for you.

The GoodBeef Index aims to create a quality based “win-win” for all participant customer types in the supply chain by offering an on-line solution via a web-app that:​

  • Provides British Beef farmers with tools to differentiate the quality of beef they produce with scoring, grading and publishing facilities.
  • Reflects environmentally sensitive production, nutritional value and product provenance.
  • Draws on international best practice of grading beef, similar to that of Australia and Japan, with emphasis on eating quality.
  • Defines beef quality farm-gate price points for sharing the value.
  • Assures traceability and transparency through the generation of a QR code for each individual animal detailing specific animal characteristics, such as breed, family genetic history, diet, home farm and carbon sequestration.
  • Stores certificates, provenance and scientific facts for customer verification.
  • Explains to the consumer why good beef is good for you, including nutrition, environment, and ethical benefits.
  • Empowers both buyers and consumers to authenticate the quality of what they are ordering, buying and eating.
  • “Where to buy” functionality provides consumers with visibility as to where they can purchase GoodBeef Index authenticated beef, as well as promoting stockists.

If you would like to purchase GoodBeef Index authenticated beef, visit Where to buy or if would like to find out how you can stock GoodBeef Index certified beef, please get in touch on [email protected].