Hayes Meadow

Hayes Farm, Holebrook Lane, Exbourne, EX20 3SJ

01837 608 242

Nature's Finest: Ethical, Organic, 100% Pasture for Life.

We produce delicious, healthy 'Nose to Tail' produce on our Farm, whilst building biodiversity, woodland and wildlife space.

Dry Aged Organic Beef

• Organic and Rare Breed Charcuterie

• Paraffin, Parabens & Phenoxyethanol Free Organic Skincare

• Honey, Cooking Tallow, Bone Broth and other goodies


We rear our animals to very high standards of welfare and manage our land in harmony with nature.  Our focus is on building biodiversity, planting woodland and rewilding. We are Soil Association certified Organic. We are Pasture for Life certified Grass Fed.