Luscombe Drinks' Bumper 2018 Apple Harvest Promises ‘Flavours We Haven't Seen In Years’

September signals the start of the apple harvest season at Luscombe.  With the abundance of summer sunshine this year’s harvest, which lasts three months, promises to be spectacular and produce an exceptional blend of flavours.  Apples is something few know more about than Gabriel David and his team at Luscombe, who’ve been pressing apples in Devon since 1975 and are regarded as one of the finest juice producers in the country.

Since 1087 the Luscombe estate, which is based in Buckfastleigh, South Devon, has been a hive of farming activity, with references to cider being made to pay the workers appearing in the Doomsday book.  Since 1975, Luscombe Drinks has continued the story, with Gabriel and his family using traditional apple varieties grown on Luscombe Farm in their award-winning drinks.  The fantastically named Tale Sweet, Devon Crimson, Slack-Ma-Girdle, Sugar Bush and Quench are just some of the traditional favourites used to create their delicious blend of apple juices.

Commenting on this year’s harvest, Gabriel David, founder and chairman of Luscombe says: “We are excited for the 2018 apple harvest – our juices promise to deliver exceptional flavour after a fantastic sunny growing season.  Devon famously produces some of the best juices available on the market, and Luscombe is proudly known as one of Devon’s finest juice producers.  The 2018 Luscombe blend will deliver flavours we haven’t seen in years.”

At the heart of Luscombe lies a commitment to create great tasting drinks from only the best fruit using minimal processing.  Luscombe’s much-loved apple juice range is free from added raw cane sugar and includes their signature Mostly Devon Apple Juice, a rich organic apple juice produced almost entirely with Devon grown apples resulting in a characteristic woody undertone.  It’s so good it’s been awarded two stars by the highly-coveted Great Taste awards.  English Apple Juice, made using apples from the orchards of Kent and Herefordshire has a sweeter taste than the Mostly Devon Apple Juice and is another of Luscombe’s most popular juices.  The Luscombe apple range has won a total of 9 Great Taste awards and also includes Apple and Apricot Juice, Apple and Pear Juice and Sparkling Apple Crush.

Luscombe produces beautifully crafted seasonal juices as well as fruit crushes, bubblies, ginger beers, sparkling fruit waters, tonics and mixers.  Their range includes 35 flavours, all of which are produced in Devon with a meticulous attention to detail and handmade from the finest, freshest ingredients which are gathered worldwide..  They use artisan techniques to create their sophisticated flavours and the entire range is free from concentrates, additives, preservatives, colourings, artificial flavourings or enhancers.

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