Pinkies up – Pig & Pallet have just launched an afternoon tea with a piggy twist

The Pig & Pallet in Topsham has just beefed up the nation’s pastime of afternoon tea, with a knock-out version straight from the smokehouse. A far cry from curling cucumber sandwiches, prissy lemon tarts and jam scones (no one cares which way round the cream is anyway), here you’ll find steak, venison and all the pork, washed down with a local beer flight (raised pinkies optional).

Using almost entirely hand-produced meat, from their award-winning cured bacon to their recent Taste of the West ‘Champion’ product chorizo jam, expect nothing short of spectacular in their latest addition to the smokehouse menu.

For £18 per person (or £15 on a Sunday) you can have:

Cheese Scones with Bacon Jam, Chorizo Jam and Cream


Devon Ruby Steak, Wild Shot Venison and Pork and Pulled Pork Sliders


Fries, Slaw, Pickles and Onion Rings


Served with a Beer Flight or a Glass of Prosecco

Bookings only at, minimum of 2 people per booking.

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