The Plot Catering Co launches Feed South Devon CIC

The Plot Catering Co launch Feed South Devon CIC to help feed people in need.

Kris Hanson, owner of The Plot Catering Co, is excited to announce the launch of Feed South Devon CIC.

Kris says "Some of you will know, it's a project I've wanted to launch for quite a while now and with the current crisis happening, I've finally had the time to get it off the ground! In the short term it will take over the community meals project that The Plot launched in mid March. Long term, we've got some exciting plans for cookery classes, continued meal support and a pop up kitchen for rough sleepers in Teignbridge.

Feed South Devon CIC welcomes a team with amazing skills and experience who will help guide and shape the future of the project.

They will be looking for volunteers who are interested in cooking, distributing meals and in the future, people who are interested in being part of the pop up kitchen. Plans are coming together for exciting fundraising events that people can also take part in and help with. If you'd like to be involved please message Feed South Devon on Facebook.

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