Pound Lane Business Accounting

Lower Loveham Farm, High Bickington, Umberleigh, Devon, EX37 9AU

07801 199671

Susie Kevern of Pound Lane Business Accounting provies strategic financial information fo ambitious, growing businesses.

Her hands on, practical approach has helped numerous small food manufacturing businesses plan their future, manage cashflow and ensure they have the right systems in place to control their finances and have peace of mind.

Susie says "What’s different about working with me is that I bring 15 years of experience working inside real businesses. I love the challenge of finding the information needed to steer the business to profitable, cash generating growth. Answers to questions like:

- Why is there never enough money to pay all the bills?
- How come we’re busier than we were last year, but I don’t seem to be earning more?
- We have an opportunity to sell to a new customer, how can we tell if it will make us money?
- We’ve been offered finance on a new machine, but is it a good deal?
- Am I making money or not?

My clients’ see me as a partner in their business and say that my advice gives them confidence that they are making the right decisions."

If you feel that you would benefit from having a business partner with the skills and experience to focus on your business finances and help you realise your full potential give us a call. There’s no charge for a chat and initial consultation.