Introducing Seamist™: A unique liquid garnish inspired by the South West coast to elevate festive cocktails

‘Seamist’ by Salcombe Distilling Co. | 60% ABV | 10cl ‘Seamist’ Atomiser £22 RRP | 10cl ‘Seamist’ Atomiser & 50cl ‘Start Point’ Gin Gift Set £55 RRP

Distilled and crafted in Salcombe, Devon at one of the world’s only distilleries directly accessible by boat, ‘Seamist’ is born to add sparkle to the Christmas period and transport you to the South West shoreline.

This unique liquid garnish atomiser has been handcrafted with red grapefruit, coastal botanicals and Cornish sea salt to elevate your ‘Start Point & Tonic’ and festive cocktail experience, encapsulating the essence of the sea.

Drawing inspiration from Salcombe Distilling Co.’s coastal location and the crisp aroma of its salty sea air, ‘Seamist’ combines the distillery’s expertise in developing exceptional taste with its spirit of adventure.

Containing roughly twice the salt concentration of sea water, ‘Seamist’ has been designed to replicate the aromas and sensation of a morning walk along the shore, with your senses being filled with fresh sea air and a subtle saltiness from the spray of waves as the early morning sun turns it into sea mist. 

The perfect addition to Salcombe Gin’s original ‘Start Point & Tonic’ serve, when spritzed over the glass it gives the drinker a heightened palate and nostalgic feeling of being by the water, even when away from the coast.

Angus Lugsdin, co-founder of Salcombe Distilling Co., comments: “An early morning walk along the foreshore always puts me into a positive mood. It stimulates the senses and the air you breath seems to be fresher, lighter but at the same time richer and slightly addictive. The light is at its best and you are more aware of the sound and sights of nature around you. 

He added: “The smell of fresh sea air with a hint of iodine and sea salt from seaweed that has washed up the beach on the last high tide is simply magical and I wanted to find a way to capture that smell to further enhance the ‘Start Point & Tonic’ experience. When your nose meets the glass as you take your first sip, you smell the sea and the positive memories that this evokes. Each time you return, although the initial aroma and blast of sea air has faded, you taste a subtle hint of sea salt that coats the top of the glass. The sense of theatre and evocative memories that this creates is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.” 

Signature Serves - Salcombe Seamist & Mistini

Salcombe Distilling Co.’s ‘Seamist’ is available to purchase for £22 RRP in a 10cl atomiser bottle with a presentation box from and the Victuallers, Not On The High Street, Master of Malt and independent off-trade retailers across the UK.

A luxury ‘Seamist & Start Point’ Gin & Liquid Garnish Gift Set is also available in a gift box for £55 RRP. | |  

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