The Christmas GINgle

A festive, fruity and spicy Gin cocktail from South Devon

What You Need: 

1 part (50ml) Salcombe Gin 'Start Point'

1.5 parts (75ml) Luscombe Cranberry Crush

2 parts (100ml) Luscombe Passionate Ginger Beer

5ml fresh lime juice

3 thin slices of fresh ginger

10 fresh or frozen cranberries

A sprig of fresh mint



What You Do: 

Add Salcombe Gin, fresh lime juice, 5 cranberries & 2 slices of fresh ginger to a Boston shaker glass

Add ice and shake vigorously

Fill a large highball with ice

Double strain the mixture over the ice into the glass using a Hawthorne strainer and fine seive

Add Luscombe Cranberry Crush followed by Luscombe Pssionate Beer and stir

Garnish with 5 cranberries, a sprig of mint and the remaining fresh ginger, sliced into thin julienne matchsticks

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