Shore Elevation

Elevate out your mixology skills and shake things up with this delicious aperitif, ‘Shore Elevation’. This is the perfect cocktail for impressing guests or for when you want to treat yourself to something extra special. 

‘New London Light’ is paired with a sweet sage and lemon sherbet, balanced perfectly with umami flavours of green tea. This combination emphasises the herbaceous rosemary and coriander notes of NLL; the result is stunning.  

What You Need: 
  • 50ml ‘New London Light’ 
  • 25ml Chilled, strong green tea 
  • 25ml Sage syrup*
  • 25ml Lemon juice 
  • 15ml Aquafaba (chickpea juice)
  • Sage garnish 
  • Ice 
What You Do: 
  1. Fill a Nick and Nora glass with ice to chill and set to one side
  2. Add the ‘New London Light’, green tea, sage syrup, lemon juice and aquafaba to a Boston shaker with plenty of ice and shake for 15 seconds
  3. Remove the ice from the Nick and Nora glass 
  4. Double strain the mixture into the glass
  5. Garnish with sage 

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