Brand New Cider Maker Awards that Foster New Talent

The UK’s largest independent start-up cider company, wants to share the secrets of its success to encourage more exciting new entrants. 

"If ever there was something that demonstrates the beauty of the cider community, this is it. Helping each other, giving back, building an industry from the roots up. I applaud Sandford Orchards wholeheartedly, and I can't wait to see who the deserving winner is going to be!" Gabe Cook, The Ciderologist

Sandford Orchards, based in the cider orchard heartland of Devon has been an extraordinary success story. A hobby business in 2010 to employing 25+ within ten years. 

It’s a story of challenges, and in a landscape of sell-out and acquisitions and industrial scaled multi-nationals Sandford Orchards wants to see more companies that share its vision of a cider landscape dominated by quality and integrity, and is prepared to put their hand in their pocket to do so.  

“When we were building the business - and to date we’ve won a pile of awards - but as fantastic as those awards are (and they are really fantastic) they didn’t give us any next steps - any real idea of what to do next, or what to try.” 

“The truth is that making cider is a complex and consuming job - but it doesn’t equip you for selling it, marketing it or making good decisions that will help get your cider further from your barn door.” 

“We want to reach out to aspiring makers - and offer them what I’d have given my right arm for, not a rosette - but advice and guidance.” Barny Butterfield, Founder and Managing Director of Sandford Orchards.

Sandford Orchards are assembling a group of similarly motivated individuals from the industry, who are standing by ready to help our winners make their next steps in the industry. 

Senior buyers from national chains, cider makers with combined experience in excess of 200yrs, industry leading designers and retailers.

"The wonder of being a Cider drinker and enthusiast today is observing the new generation of Cider producers following in the footprints of cider’s traditions and cider greats to carve out an excellence of their own.

I’m convinced that the future of Cider lies in attracting the interest of the curious drinkers of the Craft Beer World; of those drinkers of Natural Wine looking for provenance and integrity; of those looking for fine drinks to match with food; and most of all the youngest generation of drinkers looking to a sustainable future.

This is an exemplary initiative by Sandford Orchards, to exactly match that future by giving a helping hand to some of that new generation of cider makers – an initiative based on encouraging quality and integrity."

Dick Withecombe,'Cider Buzz Mcr' and '#McrCiderClub'

The Breakthrough Cider Maker Awards are a brand new competition, recognising and celebrating excellent quality whole juice ciders from around the UK. Free to enter and open to cider makers producing between 3,000 and 15,000 litres of cider per year.

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