Sandford Orchards giving away bottles of Cider!

Wednesday, 4 July, 2018 - 00:00

Devon Cider Makers Sandford Orchards Launch ‘Summer of Devon Red’ Sampling Campaign by giving away 5000 bottles of their Award Winning Ciders.

Campaign supports Sandford Orchards’ mission to ‘Make Every Cider sold in Devon, a Devon Cider’

Leading Devon Cider Makers, Sandford Orchards, launched their Summer of Devon Red campaign this week by announcing their intention of giving away 5000 bottles of their bestselling cider, Devon Red.  

Supported by a Devon-wide radio campaign on Heart Radio, the free bottle can be claimed on the cidermaker’s website via a token system.  The company are also taking to the road with their ‘Devon Red Road Trip’, visiting pubs and bars across Devon, with the Devon Red team hosting live music, giveaways and free cider.

“This is an exciting step for us”, commented Barny Butterfield, Owner of Sandford Orchards.  “The history of cider in Devon goes back over 2000 years, in fact one of the first recorded cider orchard in the UK was actually in Plympton1, so Devon is definitely the home of cider.  But it’s not all about history, it’s about quality too, Devon cider, made with fresh Devon Cider apples, it’s as simple as that, and that’s exactly what our Devon Red cider delivers.  193,572,938 pints of cider were drunk in Devon last year, and most of those ciders were not Devon ciders. There’s no reason why all those pints can’t be made in Devon from Devon apples.  We just need people to get behind the campaign and Demand Devon Cider!”

For information on how to claim your free bottle and to find out your closest Devon Red party visit the Sandford Orchards website

About Sandford Orchards

Sandford Orchards are craft cider makers from the heart of Devon. The rich red, fertile soil of mid Devon and the unique micro-climate that comes from being nestled between two moors makes the perfect growing environment for cider apples, which is why they only use cider apples from within 30 miles of their press.

For more information, please contact Charlotte Vereker on 01363 777822 / 07711 530173

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