Introducing Chilli BBQ Sauces

Introducing South Devon Chilli Farm's Chilli BBQ Sauces... Packed with Flavour!

After a successful launch into ketchup, South Devon Chilli Farm is once again heating up the grilling season by launching into another new category: BBQ!

South Devon Chilli Farm BBQ Sauce is available in two smoky varieties – Cool ‘n’ Smoky and Hot ‘n’ Smoky.

“As interest in BBQ and chillies continues to grow, we identified BBQ sauces as a great opportunity to expand our offering.” said Steve Waters, founder. “With the warm weather fast approaching, we hope that these sauces will become essentials for all occasions from summer parties to BBQs on the beach. Also, we are now delighted to announce that the Cool ‘n’ Smoky BBQ Sauce has won a Gold Award from Taste of the West”.

Both varieties combine spices including allspice and chipotle chilli alongside molasses for a sauce that’s rich, bold and flavourful with just the right kick.

The Cool ‘n’ Smoky variety brings a mild pop of spice to the grill courtesy of the jalapeno chilli. The Hot ‘n’ Smoky variety turns up the heat by showcasing the fruity heat of the habanero chilli in a mouthwatering blend of sweet, tangy and smoky. 

These super savoury and sweet sauces can be used as a marinade and will enhance the flavour of barbecue meats or vegetables, with the molasses creating a robust taste and the brown sugar stoking the caramelisation process.  

Perfect too for basting, finishing and dipping, it can also be mixed with mayonnaise for a sandwich spread or as a vegetable dip.

Responding to current consumer dietary needs, these sauces are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are also gluten free with no artificial ingredients.

With the fun and distinctive branding, these bottles have real shelf presence and will stand out in your BBQ displays.

South Devon Chilli Farm Cool ‘n’ Smoky and Hot ‘n’ Smoky BBQ sauces are available in smart glass bottles with a recommended retail price of £3.50 (280g).

The South Devon Chilli Farm’s range of products are available nationwide in delis and independent stores and are also available from their farm shop in Devon and online at

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