Introducing Chilli Ketchups Goes with Everything!

From the company that knows its chillies, the South Devon Chilli Farm are giving fans their signature chilli twist to the UKs favourite condiment with a range of three new delicious chilli ketchups - cool jalapeno, smoky chipotle and hot habanero. Cooked in small batches on their farm in Devon, with quality ingredients, these ketchups contain 186g of juicy tomatoes per 100g, packing a full tomato flavour lovingly blended with some chilli oomph. These versatile sauces go well with everything and are particularly great for dipping crisp and fluffy chips and provide a tasty accompaniment to any meal from al fresco BBQs with friends to family dinners – a sauce for all occasions!

“In response to growing consumer demand for spicy food, the range was developed to provide a ketchup range for all types of chilli lovers.” said Steve Waters, founder of South Devon Chilli Farm. “For those that like a tickle of heat on their tastebuds, the mild jalapeno ketchup fits the bill, for those looking for a rich depth of flavour with an exciting kick, the smoky chipotle ketchup is a fantastic match and those after more heat, balanced with a subtle fruity quality, the hot habanero ketchup is perfect.”

These much-anticipated ketchups add a special zing to a wide variety of popular dishes, such as fish and chips, sausages and burgers. With a rich and tasty flavour, it’s a must-have at breakfast and brunch time too, livening up favourites such as a full English, bacon sandwiches or fried eggs.

The smoky chipotle ketchup is now available at DF Mexico (Wahaca) Restaurants in London, as an accompaniment to their tasty Mexican diner menu.

South Devon Chilli Farm Cool Jalapeno, Smoky Chipotle or Hot Habanero Chilli Ketchup (RRP £3.50) is presented in a smart glass bottle, is suitable for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. 

The South Devon Chilli Farm’s range of products are available nationwide in delis and independent stores and are also available from their farm shop in Devon and online at

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