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Why we do what we do

Stewtown brings back the basics of what good food should be – Honest, hearty and amazingly tasty! Our purpose is to share incredible food that is environmentally conscious, that’s why we don’t use plastic in any of our packaging. We source the best produce from our community and where possible we use small local businesses that share our vision.

Its real food, from real places. Real cuts of meat from real farmers, slowly cooked. Vegetables from actual veg patches, created by real cooks in a real kitchen.

Our ingredients

At Stewtown the ingredients we use are real. No freeze-dried substitutes, no artificial flavours or nasty numbers.

"But everyone says that!" I hear you cry. So what do we mean?

The meat that is in your stew has come from a local butcher that we have built a relationship with. He would have selected the best he can get his hands on, then cuts it for us to cook with. 

The vegetables that are in your stew are fresh, not freeze dried. They have been chosen by us, been cut by hand and lovingly assembled to accompany your stew or BE your Stew.

The main thing though is the base. We use the bones from the butchers plus real fresh herbs and vegetables to make the most incredibly deep, lip smacking stock.  We give the veg stock equal attention. you know what we mean.

Plastic free

Here at Stewtown we are fully aware of the impact that plastic is having on our environment. We are committed to doing our part that’s why we do not use ANY plastic in our packaging. Its all plant based or starch based containers. Our pots and our cutlery are fully compostable. So when you buy Stewtown you're not only doing yourself good, you are doing the planet good too.

We are always bouncing around ideas for new Stews to put in our pots.


Pretentious chicken and fennel

Lamb shoulder boulders

Wah Gwaan - Caribbean stewed beef & coconut dumplings

Game on - feathered, hooved and rabbit

Nearly happy vegan - squash and lentils

Ratastewie - vegetable stew

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Budgens London

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