NEW Food Drink Devon Podcast

Event Date: 
May, 2020


The Podcast will endeavour to bring the county’s food and drink community together during these difficult times and also to engage with a wider public. After all, who isn’t interested in food and drink? We can all help generate a much wider audience for this production with the help of social media.  

The production will be put online once a fortnight and be a magazine style radio programme, both with a main theme (to be chosen as time goes on and the situation develops) and also with a regular ideas/innovations slot, a special product feature, and whatever else we come up with.

The Production

The podcast will be produced, edited and hosted by award-winning journalist Martin Hesp who is Editorial Director of RAW Food & Drink PR who will need YOUR HELP if the production is to be a success.

The idea is that we will develop a theme for a particular podcast and email a list of observations, questions or ideas to FDD members. 

Those wishing to take part in the podcast need simply open the audio note-taking app on their mobile phones or tablets (on an iPhone or iPad it’s Voice Memos), press record, and chat into the microphone. Then all you do is press share or send and ping it over to

Recording Tips

If you do have headphones which you can plug into your device while making the recording it does tend to help you create a better sound - mainly because you can alter how far the mic’ is from your lips etc.

You can read any reply you may have prepared, but really it’s better to just chat naturally - if you make a gaff, don’t worry, we can easily edit it out as long as you leave a little gap between the mistake and when you start speaking again. 

Please say your name, job title/role and name of company at the beginning of your recording. And please don’t make them too lengthy - 2 or 3 minutes should be ample. In this way we can perhaps get ten or a dozen interviewees in each programme. 


  • Read the theme and think of what you’d like to say in response
  • Make a recording on your phone, tablet device or computer
  • Email the sound file (on iPhone or iPad it’s a mp4 file, but mp3 is more common)
  • Sit back and listen
  • Help to publicise the free-to-listen podcast