Proposed Farm Shop on the A30 at Whiddon Down

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 JW MANN Ltd have recently submitted a planning application to develop a site on the A30 junction at Whiddon Down. This consultation leaflet has been prepared to provide both local residents and potential suppliers with information relating to the aims, background, design and community benefit to be derived from this new and exciting project.

JW MANN Ltd is a newly formed company for the purpose of this project, it is owned 100% by Jack Mann, who has developed this project from it concept and hopes to fulfil a dream being the owner of a farm shop.


 The farm shop aims to;

1. Champion local Devon food produce,

2. Harness transiting tourist trade and,

3. Provide economic stimulus to local area through employment and the provision of a new route to

market for localised suppliers and food producers.


The A30 is one of the busiest non-motorway roads in the UK. It currently has on average 28,000 vehicle movements a day transiting east and west. A large proportion of this is holiday traffic moving to and from Cornwall. The opportunities for people to stop on this route are currently limited, not just in numbers but also in service offering. The majority of options available are large national chains (Petrol stations, convenience stores) which source their products through nationwide supply chains, with very little benefit to the local economy or local food producers. This project is aimed to directly address this providing a new gateway to Devon offer, championing local fresh produce, providing employment to local people and is a locally owned alternative.


The proposed site is located directly to the north of Whiddon Down junction and was previously used as a works compound for the development of the A30. It is outlined on the map below in red.


The proposed shop has been designed with the local landscape and character in mind, ensuring that a sensitive design solution has been arrived at which respects the surrounding area and adopts a ‘farm yard’ look and feel. It is proposed the new buildings are built using local contractors and suppliers.

Utilising the barn form, widely seen in the local farming environment, the proposals consist of a L shaped building with two elements`:

1. A farm shop and small cafe, with supporting ancillary areas

2. A area for WC’s, storage and project offices

There will be car parking for up 40 cars, to include disabled bays, priority family bays as well as electric car charging points.


Uniquely the shop is not tied to single farm and is designed to source its stock from a wide variety of farms, suppliers and producers. The shop’s aim is to sell a full range of fresh meat, poultry, vegetables, eggs, diary, fruit and drinks as well as a small locally focused seasonal menu in a café. The shop will look to local suppliers and producers, as well as dealing directly with famers to ensure that the shop champions the best produce from within the region.

Target clients:

The shop’s aim is to attract tourists on the A30 to use the site as rest stop and shopping experience. Our aim is to attract 0.5% of the 28,000 vehicles passing = 140 vehicles a day or approx. 364 people. This is a very small proportion of the traffic and will have little impact on existing shopping habits and retail outlets.


All staff will be recruited where possible from the locality. We will be looking for people who know the area, know the produce and will enhance the experience. In addition we predict that through the supply chain the trickle effect into local supplies and producers will create additional employment opportunities as the business grows.

Contact Info:

If you have any feedback you would like to discuss with us please contact us via the email address below. In addition if you would like to register your interest as a supplier for the shop we would love to hear from you, please use the same address.


The project has reached a crucial stage in its development and is currently live with West Devon Planning Authority. If there are individuals, producers and suppliers who have read this document and would like to voice their support, or objection, to the project then please do so by following the below link.