Sustainability Hero of the Month: Cormacks Seafood

Event Date: 
March, 2021

We asked our members to share their sustainability efforts so we can highlight the businesses doing what they can to reduce their impact on the planet.

We are delighted to announce our first 'Sustainability Hero of the Month' - Cormacks Seafood in Totnes...

Cormacks Seafood are on a mission to spread awareness of the power and importance of buying local food. Despite being a new business, their Totnes based shop exclusively sells locally landed species, which omits the ‘top five’ most consumed seafood species in the UK.

Here's what Aarik Persaud, Chef & Owner of Cormacks Seafood, had to say:

"We primarily buy from small, artisan fishing vessels who fish close to the shore. As the fishermen are limited to a small catch area they become custodians of their patch of sea. The traditional fishing methods used - hook and line, pots and traps, small gill nets - don’t damage the seabed floor and are typically more selective and cause less bycatch than large industrial fishing methods. We work hard to ensure that our fish and shellfish is fished responsibly and we monitor our species’ stock levels to ensure that they are still healthy.

"Buying local seafood also means that we are supporting the health and economy of our coastal communities. Our carbon footprint is also significantly reduced compared to most other fishmongers who will typically sell non local and imported species.

"We deliver nationwide and all our packaging is either compositable or recyclable. As a company, we don’t use any single use plastic and we also use a green energy company for our power.

"In addition to this, our sandwiches are made with organic bread and we use organic ingredients in our other products as much as we can. We endeavour to keep growing our organic ingredients.

"This year we are on track to produce and sell the ‘world’s most sustainable packaged fish finger’! The future is local." 

Aarik's Top Tip for fellow businesses...

Avoid single use plastic as much as you can! 

Who are Cormacks Seafood?

Cormacks Seafood fish shop sits on a quiet street in Totnes, Devon. Owner and Chef of twenty years, Aarik Persaud, started Cormacks during the summer of 2020. He strives to bring his customers the freshest, lowest carbon and most sustainable seafood. A takeaway lunch menu is available everyday from noon. A selection of shellfish, fish, seafood boxes and prepared seafood is also available via their online shop. 

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