Bar Buoy Cocktails


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After several years of being both behind and in front of bars around the world, we’ve learnt a thing of two about how to make a good drink.  So when the world pressed pause in 2020, Bar Buoy was dreamt up on the beach in Devon with the main aim being to put some smiles back on faces. 

With a taste for well-made drinks and a thirst for the perfect sized pre mixed sundowner, we’ve created a range of fresh bar standard cocktails to be enjoyed at home or sent as gifts.  Each cocktail is made to order just a stone’s throw from the sea using premium spirits and high quality ingredients.

Because they are fresh they should be chilled and enjoyed within 7 days.  Alternatively they can be frozen upright and kept for up to three months before being defrosted and enjoyed at a time that suits you.  

Each bottle is 240ml giving the ideal measure for two to share at home or back on the beach where the very idea of them first began.